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AYSO Region 955 Severe Weather Play Policy: 

Always assume GAME ON unless there is a Tornado warning, you hear from your coach, or until a cancellation is posted in the GameChanger App or Facebook.  Soccer is an all weather sport - we don't cancel games merely because it's raining or snowing.

Please note that game status is subject to change and cancellation updates may not be posted on the website or our Facebook page in time for your game. Your coach should always have the latest information and will do their best to communicate cancellations or have them posted.  We recommend coaches and parents/guardians download and use the free GameChanger app - a team management app that allows fast and easy team messaging.

We cancel games due to: 
driving rain
extreme heat
extreme cold
tornado warning 
standing water on the field
ground so wet that play will be dangerous to players or damage the fields;
or other conditions making play dangerous or impractical

We may cancel games on some fields and not others; cancellation may occur at any time. We strongly advise that coaches and parents utilize the GameChanger app as well as exchange cell phone numbers so that notice of last-minute cancellations can spread quickly.

Cancellations in advance can only be made by  our Regional Commissioner. Game-time cancellations on the field can also be made by the coaches, referee or Field Director (if applicable) based on observed conditions. 

Thunder and Lightning:
According to the AYSO Severe Weather Play Guidelines, thunder and lightning are treated in THE EXACT SAME MANNER. Our first concern in the presence of lightning is the safety of our players and families. Should lightning be seen or thunder heard, referees will stop the game, and players, spectators and coaches are advised to immediately clear the field and seek shelter in a vehicle (under trees, pavilion and concessions are not considered safe shelter).

Games should not resume until 30 minutes have passed from the most recent recognition of either thunder or lightning. Each instance of thunder or lightning during the period of delay will result in a reset of the 30-minute period. Note that in many cases, the initial delay will result in termination of the match because another match is scheduled on the same field. 

We realize in some instances, it may intuitively appear that the danger is either remote or has passed.  Nevertheless, the full 30-minute waiting period shall be observed. Nobody should gamble wit the safety of our players , volunteers, and spectators.

Hot Weather:
When temperature and humidity rise above normal levels, the potential for risks rises. Coaches and referees should be aware of these dangers and be prepared to stop or delay games to ensure proper hydration. Allow for frequent water stoppages in addition to substitution stoppages. 

Cold Weather:
Risk of hypothermia, frostbite and injury from numbness are avoidable. Be prepared to delay or even terminate games to ensure proper protection of the players. 

Freezing rain, hail, snow, sleet or heavy rain can cause field conditions to deteriorate rapidly. Players' loss of solid footing can cause severe injury. Check field conditions before and during games. Be prepared to stop or delay games if severe weather conditions cause the field to become unsafe for participants. 

Cancellation of Games Played on Away Fields (non-955 Fields):
8U and up divisions occasionally play away games at other AYSO area fields. Our region has no control over how other fields are run or managed or whether or not games played there are canceled. IF we are given information about cancelations at away fields, we will do our best to pass it on to the affected coaches. 

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